Welcome to Teoh Company Logistics. Our comprehensive list of services will meet the needs of any FMCG brands that require quality service, high expectations and tremendous accountability in its services… and Teoh Company Logistics is the one.

Boosting up to 30 years of experience in the field, Teoh Company Logistics has served the ever global expanding market with its great sense of accountability, responsibility and achievement.

Starting off 30 years ago with a humble fleet of just 2 trucks, Teoh Company Logistics is a fully-own family business that has flourished after having established itself as the traditional pioneers of the business with modernized values.

With the high demands of the business, Teoh Company Logistics was able to maintain its professionally high standards of efficiency, meeting KPIs and on-time performance, whilst providing warm and friendly customer service that truly assists. The key growth areas that help expand the company into a 40-truck fleet and growing is its dedication towards the clients.

Starting from major clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Teoh Company Logistics have continuously served major names in the industry such as DHL, Ceva Logistics, FJ Benjamin, Luxasia, Rampai-Niaga (Body Shop), Tohtonku and many others. We have received much praises and testimonials from them for our unbeatable service standards and our efficient trouble-shooting skills, as well as the additional tracking through GPS that gives them the peace and assurance that their goods are delivered on time.

The clientele list continues to grow as the business evolves into newer areas, Teoh Company Logistics’ have still been praised for its efficient service, with dependable deliveries and on-time performance, as well as its proof of documentation for every single completed delivery. Customer Service is at is best with a cut-off time at 3pm every day for proper trucking planning and quality of the deliverables are professionally sealed off to ensure no tampered goods are delivered.

With Teoh Company Logistics, a guarantee comes when you see our familiar brand on our trucks and company uniform, in line with assurance and peace of mind with no delays.
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