• Machine Delivery with Tail Lift Truck
    When it comes to valuable and delicate equipment and machinery, extra special care is taken by Teoh Company Logistics for the handling process. Medical equipment and machinery with high placement value are given cautious and precautionary measures during the pick-up, delivery and arrival process when it’s handled by Teoh Company Logistics, using a Tail Life Truck for proper placement and transportation. We ensure that all equipment are given the much-needed gentle care pre, during and post transportation so you do not have any qualms and worries in the quality of your product upon delivery.

  • Shunting Delivery
    This value-added service by Teoh Company Logistics sees the full process cycle of your raw products into finished goods, ensuring an accountable and responsible handling of logistics beginning from the raw products to the manufacturing process to the finished goods delivered to your warehouse. Every step of the way, your final product is in the good hands of Teoh Company Logistics, with a guarantee of the completed circle delivered to the doorsteps of your warehouse with a full follow-up.

  • Warehouse Transfer
    This reliable service of Teoh Company Logistics’ expansion, we provide reliable storage facilities for your temporary storage needs. Your goods and products now have a place to park without incurring additional high-end warehouse space as it stays in transit. The temporary storage facilities provided by us are safe, secured and suitable for your products to be stored temporarily as per leasing contract with Teoh Company Logistics

  • Co-Pack Business
    A new venture of Teoh Company Logistics is the Co-Pack Business service. For your personalized packing needs for festivities, seasons, activities and many more, we provide a quick and reliable service for your co-packing needs. Special packages to be repackaged into different quantities with different packing needs are not a problem with our quick and reliable turn-around time to help you meet deadlines and KPIs.

  • Hypermarket Delivery
    When it comes to logistics in great volume with controlled quality and on-time performance, Teoh Company Logistics provides transportation of your finished products and goods to hypermarkets nationwide, ensuring a reliable delivery that meets the deadline and provides proper documentation for all your deliveries. With us, your products are on time and in good hands.

  • Loose Cargo Delivery for Outlet Department Store
    Loose Cargo Delivery for outlet department stores requires much co-ordination and systematic organization to ensure no mistakes in delivery times and dates, as well as quantities and qualities. With our experienced organization and meticulous system, this particular service provided by Teoh Company Logistics is always performed smoothly and without hiccups. We ensure quick turn-around time and precise delivery to your outlets, whilst ensuring tight co-ordination on your products and quantities.

  • Distribution Centre Delivery (Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, Watsons, Guardian, 7-Eleven)
    As your product leaves the factory, it is essential that the goods are transported to your distribution centres quickly whilst ensuring the goods are in perfect sellable condition. Teoh Company Logistics pushes through quick and quality deliveries of your products to your Distribution Centres without any delays or obstructions. We understand our customers’ needs for a quick yet reliable delivery for your goods to reach your respective outlets and stores, and we can ensure that your products are in safe and experienced hands.


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